Tube and pipeline construction

Tube and pipeline construction

Removing the coating of pipelines (Cut Back)

For removing the coating of pipes, usually several rings of knotted wire brushes are mounted together to get one massive block of wheel brushes. Diameter of the brush, wire thickness and the overal shape of the brush are defined by the size of the tube, the material oft he layers and the cut back machine in use.





Pipeline Service / Pigging

In the pipeline industry and tube service LESSMANN interior brushes are used to clean the interior of the tubes.
For internal cleaning of pipelines special brush constructions are used, depending on the different demands.

Pipelines for e.g. crude oil have to be cleaned in the interior at regualar intervals because of the crude oil which is heated for the transport. Due to the heated oil paraffin wax is segregated  and settles down at the interior of the pipelines.Regularly the tubes are tested for cracks, therefore the paraffin wax and other residues have to be removed.

Also for keeping the output of the pipeline constant it is essential to have a clean inner side of the tube.



Tubes with small diameters can be cleaned with interior brushes, wich are available in different measurements and with different filling materials.